Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that the website installs on your PC, mobile phone, or any other device, which has information about your browsing at this location. Cookies are necessary because for making browsing more friendly without harming your computer.
Although this policy uses the generic cookie term because it is the main method of storing information that this website applies, the browser’s Local Storage space is also used for the same purposes as cookies. In this sense, all the information contained in this section is applied in the same way to this Local Storage.

What is the purpose of cookies in this website for?

Cookies are an essential part of the operation of our website. The main purpose of our cookies is to improve your browsing experience. For example, cookies help us record your preferences (language, country, etc.) when browsing and future visits. The information gathered by cookies allows, among other things, to improve the website, through an assessment of usage numbers and patterns, the adaptation of the website to individual interests of the users, the acceleration of searches, etc. In some cases, with your prior consent we may use cookies, tags or other similar systems to obtain information that allows us to show you from our website or third-party websites or from any other means, ads based on the analysis of your browsing habits.

For what purposes are cookies NOT used on this website?

We do not store sensitive personal identification information such as your address, key, credit or debit card details, etc. in the cookies we use.

Who uses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in our website cookies is used exclusively by us, except for what will be identified as “third-party cookies”, meaning freelance partners of ours, that provide us with the services we request to improve ourselves and user experience when browsing our website. The main services for those who use these “third-party cookies” are the receipt of access statistics and the guarantee of realized payment transactions.

How do I disable and stop using cookies?

To restrict, block, or delete cookies from this website, you can change your browser settings at any time according to the rules we indicate below. Although each browser is different, cookies are usually set up from the Preferences menu or Tools. For more details about how to configure cookies in your browser, see your program’s Help menu.

Where can you find more information about general cookie use?

More information about the general use of cookies, as well as methods of blocking or restricting them, can be found on the website

Changes to cookie policy.

This Cookie Policy may be amended at any time. That is why we consider it appropriate to refer regularly to this Policy. This entered into force on 01 January 2020. In the event of its amendment, the date that took place will be indicated. Cookies Policy is always considered valid, as has been shaped by the most recent amendment.