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Tribeca 4 Motor Treatment Bed – White


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Product Overview

Introducing our new Tribeca 4 Motor treatment bed to add to our already huge range of beds available only at DSSE. The Tribeca comes fitted with 4 motors to control the height, back, leg and trendelenburg tilt function which places the person’s head down and elevates the feet, so their whole body is sloping down with the feet higher than the rest of the body.

The Tribeca is our first treatment bed with in-built foot controls on both sides of the base for the height, leg and back sections. A hand controller is also included which can control all functions including the tilt (inclination) of the bed.

The Tribeca also includes a RESET function to bring the chair back to zero position. The bed features ultra-soft memory foam padding and is upholstered in white anti-microbial medical grade vinyl.

Other features include removable and adjustable headrest with face hole and head pillow for prone position treatments, self adjusting and removable armrests, plus head and foot extender.

There is also a LOCK button that will disable all functions to prevent inadvertently moving the chair during a procedure.



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Upholstered in anti-microbial medical grade vinyl. High density memory foam for longevity and superior comfort. Removable arms. Adjustable and removable face cradle with insert pillow, plug and face hole. Sleek black base. In-built foot controls in base. Four (4) electric motors adjusts height, leg, back and incline.

Height: 69 – 89 cm
Width with armrests: 86 cm
Width without armrests: 62 cm
Length: 185 cm
Weight Capacity: 180 kilos (seating area)

Structure – 5 Years
Vinyl – 2 Years
Electrics – 2 Years

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