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Magnifying Lamp 6″ Wide Lens Super LED – Black


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Product Overview

Exclusive to DSSE we bring you the Super LED magnifying light featuring a large 6″ (150mm) wide bifocal lens, multi-position head joint, and an easily adjustable arm with internal springs and an excellent reach, this bifocal lamp provides the perfect magnification. The light beams an even spread of bright light over large areas and allows you to focus the light where you want it. It’s simply the all round perfect light for all beauticians, watch/jewellery makers and can even be used for home use for reading, knitting etc.   

  • DIMMABLE with CORRELATED COLOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL:      This magnifying lamp includes a 12 Watt, integrated LED light. The adjustable color temperature ranges from 3,000K warm white – 6,000K cool white with a CRI of 80. It generates soft, non-flickering light. Simply press the power button to adjust the brightness level by 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%, depending on your needs. Increases concentration without irritating the eyes.
    Simply purchase the table clamp (sold separately) and easily position the magnifying lens using its 360-degree swivel movement for fast and versatile adjustments. No need to repeatedly reposition it. The Clamp Lamps on/off switch is located at the bottom of the head, just under the lens, for quick and easy access. It comfortably attaches to a table, desk, shelf, or workbench top and there’s no need to worry about it leaving a visible trace on furniture.
    This magnifying light is also cost effective as the lens lasts on average 10-15 years so you will never have to replace it. With the integrated long-lasting power of the LED, Achieve the same level of illumination while saving up to 80% of energy compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs and will last up to 30,000 hours. This means a smaller electricity bill and a smaller carbon footprint.
    It doesn’t get hot even if you leave it on for hours!


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